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Dental Implant FAQs – Marion, IN

Addressing Your Questions about Dental Implants

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Replacing your missing teeth is a big decision that can have a huge impact on your oral and overall health and quality of life. That’s why we want you to feel completely comfortable and confident in your treatment decisions. Below, we’ve provided the answers to some common questions we’ve received about dental implants in the past. We hope they will address some of your concerns and help you determine whether you’ll seriously consider this advanced treatment option.

Why is the support that dental implants give your jaw bone so important?

single unit dental implant When you lose just one tooth, your jaw bone is no longer stimulated. It begins to atrophy and deteriorate over time, changing your facial shape to appear older and more saggy. Also, this bone density loss weakens the support it gives your remaining teeth, potentially leading to additional tooth loss down the road. Dental implants act like natural teeth in that the post that is surgically placed beneath the gums promotes bone growth and keeps it healthy and robust. That way, you retain your youthful appearance and your remaining teeth for longer.

Does having my dentures fixed to dental implants really make a difference?

implant-retained dentures Absolutely! When you have dentures that rely only on suction to stay in place, you don’t have nearly the same biting force that you used to. In fact, studies have shown that your biting power is reduce by 75 to even 90 percent. As a result, denture wearers can avoid foods that are difficult to chew, eliminating many fibrous fruits and vegetables from their diets and even shortening their life expectancy. Having your dentures anchored to secure dental implants restores that biting and chewing power so that you can continue to eat properly and have higher quality of life.

How successful are dental implants?

man smiling teeth An overwhelming majority of dental implants placed are successful both in the short term and long term. In fact, 98 percent of dental implants are still going strong even after 10 years! Our qualified dentists have the experience and skills to ensure that you have the best chances of success with your dental implants now and down the road.

What causes dental implants to fail?

man smiling eating Although most dental implants are placed successfully, some do end in failure. Usually this happens because the patient has an existing oral infection or lacks sufficient jaw bone to support the implant. However, our dentists conduct thorough exams to make sure that you’re in good oral health before the procedure, and they will recommend a bone graft if they think your jaw bone needs extra reinforcement. We do our best to make your tooth replacement successful from the start.

Do I need to replace each missing tooth with a dental implant?

Although an implants can replace one missing tooth, you may not need a dental implant for every single one. In fact, when you need to restore an entire arch of teeth, we can usually support a denture appliance with four to six strategically placed implants. That way, you still enjoy all the benefits of dental implants but at a lower cost.