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Porcelain & Minimal-Prep Veneers in Marion

Turn your so-so smile into something sensational with porcelain or minimal-prep veneers. The cosmetic dentists at Bruner Dental offer custom solutions to eliminate dental flaws and bring out the best in your smile. At your cosmetic dentistry consultation, the doctor discusses your preferences and expectations to determine the ideal solution for your individual case.

A veneer is a covering for a tooth. Veneers alter tooth width, length, shape, and color. Custom veneers are handcrafted in our dental lab from luminous, stain-resistant porcelain. Prior to application of permanent porcelain veneers, the doctor removes a thin layer of tooth enamel to ensure a flush fit. Minimal-prep veneers require little or no enamel reduction, which makes them attractive to some patients. The process to place this type of veneer is reversible, which means that the dentist can remove your minimal-prep veneers if you decide to return to your original smile.

Expect two office visits to complete the design and application phases of your veneers.

Are you looking for quality cosmetic dentistry? Look no further than Bruner Dental! Contact us today if you have any questions for our team, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation. Located in Marion, IN, our office also serves the nearby areas of Jonesboro, Gas City, and beyond.