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Preventive & General Dentistry in Marion

Everyone needs a smile that stands the test of time, and we make that happen by helping you prevent problems before they even start. Here in Marion, IN, Drs. Bruner, Root, Sneed, and Tinsley are happy to offer personalized, comprehensive care that benefits patients young and old alike. Whether your family needs better protection against cavities or more advanced laser dentistry treatment, we’ll be sure to give you new reasons to smile every time you visit.

Check-ups & Cleanings

We strongly recommend all patients attend at least two check-ups and cleanings with our team every year. This is important even if you have generally good oral health and aren’t experiencing any troublesome symptoms at the moment. After all, common problems like gum disease and decay develop in such subtle ways that patients don’t realize anything is wrong until they’ve experienced significant damage. Our excellent team of doctors identifies these issues right away and provides the attention you need as soon as possible.

During your check-up, our team creates a complete picture of your oral health needs with the help of digital X-rays and a visual examination. We’ll also be happy to discuss personal goals or preferences you have for your care so we can provide recommendations for treatment. Then, your cleaning consists of one of our excellent hygienists thoroughly clearing away plaque and tartar from teeth and gums, leaving you with a smile that feels polished and refreshed.


Do you suffer from constant headaches or teeth that inexplicably seem damaged or worn down? You might be a victim of bruxism, also known as teeth grinding or clenching. This “bad habit” affects a significant part of the population, and what’s worse is that it commonly occurs while the patient is sleeping, giving them no recourse for solving the problem on their own. That’s where our team at Bruner Dental comes in. We provide a comfortable, customized nightguard that serves as a barrier for vulnerable teeth minimizing the effects of the grinding.


When you’re playing your favorite sport, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the safety of your smile. Sadly, oral injuries are common in activities where physical contact with a hard surface or another person is a possibility. Here at Bruner Dental, we provide assistance in the form of customized sportsguards for children and adults. By wearing this comfortable and form-fitting device, our patients dramatically reduce their risk of experiencing damage to their teeth, lips, and soft tissue. In fact, studies have revealed that wearing a sportsguard may lessen the severity of concussions!

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer may not be discussed in the dentist’s office as much as cavities and periodontal disease, but its effects are staggering. In fact, one person dies from the condition every hour on average. The one bright spot is that treatment has a high success rate as long as a patient’s case is diagnosed at an early stage. That’s why our team makes oral cancer screenings a vital part of routine check-ups for older patients.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are vital when it comes to fully understanding a patient’s oral health needs and planning treatment, but the traditional method for capturing them involved tedious wait times and significant doses of radiation. Today, these unpleasant elements and more are dramatically minimized with our digital X-ray technology. Now, detailed images of your oral structures can be captured and viewed on a nearby monitor within seconds, and our team in Marion can even color-code and magnify them so patients better understand what they’re seeing. Radiation is also reduced by up to 90%!

Home Care Products

At Bruner Dental, our team wants to help you maintain the exceptionally healthy and beautiful smile you deserve – and this goal extends outside our Marion office. We offer excellent toothpastes, mouthwashes, and other oral hygiene products that are quality-made and fully recommended by our team.  All you and your family need to do is use them diligently in the comfort of your home per our instructions, and revitalizing benefits should follow.

Focusing on preventive care a little more benefits you and your loved ones in big ways as the years go by, and our team would love to be your trusted partners every step of the way. Contact Bruner Dental today to schedule your first appointment! We welcome new patients from Marion, Gas City, and beyond.