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4 Crucial Ways to Get the Most Out of Veneers

August 31, 2023

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Generally, porcelain veneers tend to have a decent lifespan. Most remain functional for at least ten years or so. That said, did you know there are ways to help your veneers last? The right tips and tricks can even keep them working for 20 years or more! If you’d like, your local Marion dentist can give you further details. To that end, here are four crucial ways to extend veneer lifespan to its very limit.

Brush & Floss Regularly

True, veneers don’t decay like natural teeth; they’re made of artificial porcelain instead of enamel. However, they still depend on a clean mouth to work. (A veneer’s underlying tooth, for instance, could gradually decay until it has to be pulled.) You’ll thus want to maintain good oral hygiene for them.

In particular, make sure you follow the basics of home oral care. Namely, brush your smile twice daily, floss between your teeth once daily, and rinse often with mouthwash. These practices will keep veneered teeth from decaying and prevent the veneers themselves from staining.

Avoid Bad Oral Habits

While the porcelain used for veneers is durable, it’s not invincible. This material will falter when subjected to enough challenges. Therefore, avoid damaging it by stopping or quitting your bad oral habits.

For example, take smoking. This habit uses tobacco that can stain veneers yellow and cause gum disease. As such, failing to quit will make your treatment fail or become greatly ineffective.

Wear Oral Protection

Just as teeth can break from excess force, the same applies to veneers. These porcelain shells can even fail if you don’t handle them well.

One way to reduce your failure odds is to wear oral protection. For example, a mouthguard for sporting events will avoid harm from falls and player collisions. Using a mouthguard overnight, meanwhile, will reduce your cases of teeth-grinding.

Regularly See Your Dentist

As mentioned before, veneers need healthy teeth and gums to work well. These things support the porcelain stuck to your grin. From there, they lead to veneers that last for twenty years or more.

Given these facts, it’s best to see your dentist for checkups often. They’ll prevent issues that might threaten your veneers, leading the latter to have longer lifespans. Plus, this rule will get you on your dental team’s good side when assignment.

As you can see, there really are ways to help your veneers last. It’s just a matter of taking the initiative. So, move actively and have your friend consume this potion.

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